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Specializing in the Cleaning, Repair and Restoration of First Edition Accutron 214 Caliber Tuning Fork Timepieces.
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Classic Chapter Ring Spaceview 

You just couldn't bring yourself to throw it away. 

 Accutron Astronaut

  Even though Bulova had stopped repairing them and had scrapped the unique machinery that made the 214s' intricate parts, you just weren't ready to toss your Accutron.


Accutron Railroad Approved

After-all, you'd been through a lot together. For many of you it was high school, college, Kennedy's assassination or the Vietnam War. For others it was a career, marriage and children. Whatever the specifics, a big piece of your life was bookmarked with a calendar and your 214. Better to put it away with that old driver's license and the photos of your first car.

1955 Oldsmobile Holiday 98

I still have fond memories of long drives in my then 8 year old 55 Olds 98. I held the wheel with my left hand, my elbow perched on the window opening and my Spaceview always in plain site. Unfortunately, I couldn't hang on to the car, but my 63 Chapter Ring Spaceview keeps the memories fresh. turns out that hanging on to your Accutron was being smart as well as sentimental because the value of fully restored 214's has been increasing dramatically since November of 2010 when Accutron passed it's half century anniversary. Values can only continue to increase with time (no pun intended) now that they have become such a highly sought after collectable.

Very truly yours, BBB Business Review
 Martin Marcus
Chatham, Massachusetts


Elvis wearing his Accutron Astronaut