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Wanted: Bulova Accutron Model 214 Tuning Fork Wristwatches, Parts, Accessories, Tools, and Ephemera.

I buy 214's in any condition, working or not. Also need Accutron watch crystals, dials, and watchbands with the Accutron tuning fork logo. If you have a 60's or 70's Accutron case or outer cardboard box, owners booklet, hang tag, battery hatch coin, facts booklet, service manual, etc., please let me know.   

Please make sure that your watch is a model 214. The 214 is set from the rear of the case (see photo) by lifting a spring loaded "C" shaped lever. Also on the rear of the case there is a slotted hatch cover which unscrews to access the battery. If the back of your watch is similar to the one in the photo please contact me.

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 e-Mail: Sales@Accutron

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