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"Director E"
Model #D3001
Spaceview Clock
Satin and polished brass, black background.
Height: 5-1/4" Width: 5-1/4" Depth: 1-1/2"

The "Empire" Spaceview Clock

"Empire A"
Model #D2051 
Satin and polished brass case.
Height: 4" Width: 5" Depth: 2"
Plain & Spaceview Clocks

Brushed Chrome Spaceview Clock

CarriageClockf.jpg (30062 bytes)     CarriageClockAngle.jpg (30001 bytes)     CarriageClockSide.jpg (29993 bytes)     CarriageClockR.jpg (30154 bytes)
Swiss made Carriage Clock
Glass and Brushed Brass 

Model #D3111 
Polished and brushed brass, marbleized blue background.
Height: 5-7/8" Width: 7-7/8" Depth: 4-3/4"

Pedestal Clock

Art Deco Clock

Folding Travel Clock

Retro Clock

Boudoir Clock

SmallRoundF.jpg (30001 bytes)     SmallRoundS.jpg (29972 bytes)     SmallRoundR.jpg (29950 bytes)
Mini Desk Clock

Desk Clock

ClockDoors1.jpg (28534 bytes)     ClockDoors2.jpg (30147 bytes)     ClockDoors3.jpg (30186 bytes)     MiniClockF.jpg (30127 bytes)     MiniClockRO.jpg (30127 bytes)     MiniClockRC.jpg (25270 bytes)
Mantle Clock

PendantFront.jpg (30088 bytes)          PendantRear.jpg (30013 bytes)

Ladies Pendant

Accutron 214 Military Panel Clocks

12 Hour Hinged Panel Mount

Custom built solid aircraft aluminum base converts this large 214 panel clock for home or office use.

2/16/08 - The above image was captured from the PBS Nova series, "AstroSpies". The documentary tells the recently disclosed story of top secret, US and Russian, programs to launch manned spy capsules into orbit during the 60's. Both programs were terminated because of huge costs, and minimal success. In one scene, the panel clock above was displayed for about 3 seconds. That's time enough to identify the distinctive, continuous sweep motion, which in 1963, could only have been an Accutron 214 movement. The missing hour hand, and backward 60 second dial suggests that it was used for the countdown to launch. The red second hand casts very dark shadow.

         MiniPanel3.JPG (20163 bytes)         
12 Hour Mini Panel Mount

Custom Astronaut Clock

     PanelClockAT.JPG (29866 bytes)     PanelClockAB.JPG (29860 bytes)     PanelClockS.JPG (29437 bytes)     PanelClockR.JPG (29942 bytes)
12 Hour Mini Panel Mount

12 Hour Panel Mount

24 Hour Round Panel Mount

24 Hour Side Mounting

MiniPanel1.JPG (30152 bytes)               MiniPanel2.JPG (30761 bytes)
24 Hour Mini Panel Mount

24 Hour Front Setting Panel Mount

Accutron 214 Industrial, and Scientific Timer Switches


timerf.jpg (29892 bytes)     timerat.jpg (29626 bytes)     timers.jpg (29919 bytes)     timerab.jpg (29983 bytes)     timerab2.jpg (29808 bytes)     timerr.jpg (29935 bytes)
60 Second Panel Mount Timer Switch

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