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Accutron was introduced in November of 1960 (M0)
Production of the 214 ended in 1977 (N7)

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The Accutron Index Mechanism

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Cap Jewel

Early Accutron Store Displays
These displays are believed to date from the early 60's

AccutronStoreFixture1.jpg (30993 bytes)                    AccutronStoreFixture2.jpg (30112 bytes)

The scaled-up model is of an Alpha which was produced from 1960 to 1965. The face of the model has a 214 movement
printed on the reverse. The movement appears when the dial is illuminated from behind by a flashing light. The watch case measures 6-1/4" wide by 7-1/2" high.


FixtureFront.JPG (30074 bytes)     FixtureLeft.JPG (30028 bytes)     FixtureRight.JPG (30212 bytes)     FixtureBox.JPG (29938 bytes)          
This heavy display is made from die-cast metal and clear Lucite. The hinged insert slides into the metal frame.
Shown with a 1960 white gold "TV" case 214 installed.

Counter & Wall Signs

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1961 Solid Platinum Accutron 214


The rarest 214 of all

The Incomparable Accutron "Astronaut"

Astronaut Watch Fob

AstronautPilotAdd2.jpg (79042 bytes)                    AstroFrontSpecialHands.jpg (30137 bytes)     AstroBLuminous0.jpg (30107 bytes)     RedGMTFront2.jpg (30000 bytes)
Hand & Dial Variations


Bezel Ring Assembly

     astro.jpg (30097 bytes)          astrob.jpg (30002 bytes)         
Bezel Ring / Dial Combinations


18k AstronautFront.jpg (30077 bytes)     18k AstronautRear.jpg (30027 bytes)     18k BezelRingFront.jpg (30152 bytes)     18k BezelRingRear.jpg (30074 bytes)
18kt Solid Gold


Brochure2.jpg (37973 bytes)                   GoldAstro.jpg (30013 bytes)
10kt. Gold-Filled Bezel w/14kt Gold Bezel Ring

  EyeCandy1.jpg (30342 bytes)
Eye Candy


Custom Built Accutron "AstroView"

          The watch that Bulova should have built.         

AstroView "A"


AstroViewLuminous.jpg (30150 bytes)         AstroViewCloseFront1.jpg (30419 bytes)


BackCutAstroB.jpg (30062 bytes)     CutAstroB.JPG (30118 bytes)     CutAstroBAngle1.JPG (30032 bytes)
AstroView "B"

     AVBRight2.jpg (30078 bytes)     AVBAngleRight2.jpg (30069 bytes)     AstroViewBFrontFull2.jpg (29985 bytes)     AVBAngleLeft2.jpg (29983 bytes)     avbleft2.jpg (30095 bytes)

AstroViewBFront.jpg (30047 bytes)     AstroViewBLuminous2.jpg (20871 bytes)     AstroViewBLuminousFull.jpg (30020 bytes)     AstroViewBFrontAngle.jpg (30083 bytes)

"Alpha" 1960-1965
Made only in 14kt white and yellow gold
1961Page1.jpg (39259 bytes)

Alpha Front Large.jpg (30188 bytes)     WhiteAlpha0.jpg (30095 bytes)     AlphaBack1.jpg (18598 bytes)

WhiteAlpha001.jpg (30259 bytes)     1966WhiteAlpha.jpg (30055 bytes)     WhiteDiaFront.jpg (30184 bytes)     WhiteAlphaBack2.jpg (30188 bytes)

WhiteAlphaBack1.jpg (30095 bytes)     WhiteAlphaInsideBack.jpg (30102 bytes)                                                 WhiteDiaRear.jpg (30338 bytes)     61-14kModernStem.jpg (30132 bytes)
Early manual snap-up/snap-down stem - 1960/61                                    Standard spring loaded stem - all production from 1961 on

"Scalloped Lug" 1960-1965
Made only in 14kt white and yellow gold



The "Scalloped or Long Lug" is, in the opinion of many collectors, the most elegant of the 214's. It was first introduced in October of 1960 and discontinued in about 1965. Most are date coded "M0 or M1" and most have the early "snap" type setting stem.

"TV" Case - 1960-1961

White TV.jpg (30150 bytes)      


SoundOfAccuracy.jpg (31249 bytes)

The "TV Case" is one of the rarest of the 214's. It was first introduced in October of 1960 and discontinued early in 1961. Almost all of the ones that were made are date coded "M0". It's the only 214 model ever made that has a snap-on back cover.


14kt. "Football" Case

FloppyFootball.jpg (30381 bytes)
Introduced in 1961, this model was produced for about 5 years.
The gold-toned movement in the Spaceview is not original. The original movement would have been nickel plated.


14kt. "Tilty Football" Case

     FootballDoctor.jpg (30557 bytes)     pamphlet1.jpg (32471 bytes)     14kt Tilty Footbal.jpg (30456 bytes)         
14kt. "Tilty" or "Floppy Football" Introduced in 1960, this model was produced for about 5 years.

                             FootballFront.jpg (30662 bytes)          FootballRear.jpg (30849 bytes)
Florentined Bezel                                             Polished Bezel

The gold-toned movement in the Spaceview (above right) is not original. The original movement would have been nickel plated as in the 1960's magazine ad (top photo).

Solid 18kt Gold 214's


1960 "Asymmetrical"
Stainless Steel with 14kt Gold Inserts

AssymM0LinkFull.jpg (30093 bytes) AssymM0Back.jpg (30096 bytes)              
Original bracelet with 14kt
white gold asymmetrical end pieces.


1965 "Asymmetrical"
Stainless Steel with Florentined Bezel


"Bow Tie" Lugs


1964 Stainless Steel with Champagne Roman Numeral Dial

The Classic "Chapter Ring Spaceview"
Stainless Steel
(top) and Gold-Filled (bottom)  

accutron sv 64-2.jpg (79296 bytes)     ssF.jpg (30139 bytes)     ssR.jpg (30012 bytes)     ssLum.jpg (16643 bytes)
GF CR SV front.jpg (29992 bytes)     GF CR SV back.jpg (30086 bytes)     luminous.jpg (20048 bytes)

"Spaceview B"

     SpaceviewB.jpg (29993 bytes)     Accutron_Spaceview B.jpg (30002 bytes)         

"Cushion Case" Chapter Ring Spaceview

          Cushion01.jpg (37500 bytes)     CushionLuminous11.jpg (20499 bytes)
ccfront.jpg (30145 bytes)     ccrear.jpg (30096 bytes)                       
The "Cushion Case" Chapter Ring Spaceview was introduced in 1969. It was intended to revitalize the Spaceview and was an immediate success.


"Cushion Case" Chapter Ring Spaceview
with integrated bracelet Case #7


"Anniversary" 1975 - Case #7581
These watches have no date code marked on them because they were only made for one year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bulova Company.

AnniversaryFront.jpg (30356 bytes)          AnniversaryFront2.jpg (30219 bytes)          AnniversaryFull.jpg (30401 bytes)          AnniversaryBack.jpg (30104 bytes)          AnniversaryFullBack.jpg (30012 bytes)
Gold Plated Anniversary Spaceview with original band. This model is a very bulky watch. Most commonly found with
heavy gold plated bezels.  

Stainless Steel  Anniversary. These are very rare.

Various Spaceview Models

alphasv2.jpg (30004 bytes) ScallopedLugs.jpg (30021 bytes)   Gold Plated.jpg (29988 bytes) front.jpg (30019 bytes)

OvalCrSvF.jpg (30040 bytes)StainlessAnniversary22.jpg (30177 bytes) AnniversaryFront.jpg (30356 bytes) SwissCRSV.jpg (29965 bytes) 70's Chapter Ring.jpg (29994 bytes) SpaceviewB.jpg (29993 bytes)

flatsv.jpg (30163 bytes) square.jpg (30074 bytes) SquareHead22.jpg (30035 bytes)

Doctors "Pulsation" Dial 214

DoctorsDial.jpg (30004 bytes)          DoctorFront.jpg (30063 bytes)              

The dial is factory original. Notice that the metal dial markers are positioned further from the edge of the dial then normal. This is to allow more room for the pulse markings. Many Counterfeits are showing up lately which have the markings printed between the metal markers. 

Swiss "Chapter Ring Spaceview" Models

SwissCRSV.jpg (29965 bytes) SwissCRSV2.jpg (29286 bytes) SwissCRSV3.jpg (29977 bytes)

SwissSVFront2.jpg (30216 bytes)                                       
           Swiss Spaceview                         Unusual 1970 Swiss Spaceview


Swiss "Reflector Dial" Models

SWISSFRONT.jpg (30136 bytes)     SWISSBACK.jpg (30012 bytes)     B&WSwissCR.jpg (30153 bytes)
 Also known as the "Hidden Spaceview". They can be converted to a "Chapter Ring Spaceview" by replacing the dial with a spacer ring and  installing the correct Spaceview crystal. 

"Railroad Approved"

RR_WhiteHands.jpg (30058 bytes) AccutronFront.jpg (30068 bytes) SS-RR-BasicDial.jpg (30112 bytes) RR-GF-Blue.jpg (30001 bytes)
Versions of the Railroad Approved dial.

Swiss2ZoneHands.jpg (30063 bytes)    
Dual Time Zone RR

 Northern Pacific RR - Accutron Inspection Certificate

"24 Hour Military"

24 Hour Accutron 214.jpg (30040 bytes)
Very rare 24 Hour Military dial

Basic "214" Dial Model

     1965 10kt gold-filled w/black dial.     BlackDial.jpg (29946 bytes)

Converted or Factory Spaceviews?

GFSVF.jpg (30153 bytes)       Who Knows?     AsymmetricalFront.jpg (30001 bytes)

Converted Spaceview

Spaceview Front.jpg (32561 bytes)
The photo shows a cut-out and flattened dial used as a chapter ring.

Accutron Cases

boxes.jpg (30027 bytes)          boxes1.jpg (30614 bytes)          Accutrons1.jpg (30156 bytes)
            Accutron Cases                                 A Gaggle Of Spaceviews

Accutron Parts Chart

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