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GUARANTEE: Subject to the exclusions below, your vintage Accutron timepiece repair is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of sale or the return shipping date on your repair receipt. If the watch stops working with a good battery installed, or if it fails to keep time within +/- 4 minutes per month during the guarantee period, I will repair or adjust it at no charge for parts or labor. After 60 days from the above dates you will be responsible only for postage and insurance.

EXCLUSIONS: Damage due to abuse or misuse is not covered by this guarantee.

Abuse is defined as:
Dropping, striking, or otherwise causing extreme shock or damage to the watch mechanism. Sudden acceleration or deceleration can cause problems with the index mechanism.

Misuse of an Accutron 214 is defined as: The introduction of water, dirt, or fibers into the watch case through the battery compartment. Wearing your Accutron while engaged in sports such as golfing, batting, tennis and any other activity that results in damage to the movement or loss of adjustment. Please remember that although ruggedly built, you are wearing a vintage timepiece. 

Water Entry: Your Accutron is not guaranteed to be waterproof or even water resistant. For one thing the plastic crystal will deteriorate over time, but setting stem is another matter entirely. The recessed setting stem on the back cover of a 214 is its signature feature. The stem assembly has a built-in O ring, which can't be replaced without damaging the stem itself. From 1960 through the late 70s, the 214 setting stem had to be replaced every few years in order for the case to remain waterproof. Since new replacement setting stems are no longer available, the stem remains the weak link for water entry. Please review the information here and try to keep this fine old timepiece away from water.

Fogged up Crystal:
If you notice moisture in your 214 don't panic. Any watch that has been serviced within the last 3 to 5 years still has an oil film on the steel gear shafts. Do the following as soon as possible:

if outside use a dime to remove the battery cover and place the watch, battery side up in the sun for approximately 5 minutes (caution: do not allow the watch to become overheated). On cloudy or rainy days, go to an air conditioned place, remove the battery cover and leave it off long enough for the moisture to evaporate out of the case. When you close the hatch the humidity in the case will be at an ambient level.

On hot humid days moisture problems are exacerbated by a sweaty wrist so keep the watch in a pocket or briefcase until you are in a comfortable environment.

Opening the case: Removing the back cover of your 214 can cause setting problems and will void your warranty. The back cover must be installed properly in order to fix the location of the setting gear with relation to its gear train. The threaded ring that secures the cover to the bezel (not the battery hatch) must be torqued down correctly. If the ring is too tight, the setting stem will not engage the hands. If the ring is too loose, the hour and minute hands will be locked.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the first 60 days from the shipping date on your receipt, adjustments will be made to watches that exceed the +/- 4 minute/month guarantee at no cost to you. After 60 days you will be responsible only for return shipping and insurance.

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