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Accutron Repair Services
Specializing In The Cleaning, Repair And Restoration of First Edition Accutron 214 Caliber Tuning Fork Timepieces.

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Fully Insured 1 YEAR GUARANTEE on parts and Labor

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SvBackCover.jpg (30014 bytes)    I work on first edition 214 caliber Accutron tuning fork watches only. If need be, I will help you to verify that your Accutron is a 214 before you send it for repair.

The 214 is set from the rear of the case by lifting a spring loaded "C" shaped lever. Also on the rear of the case is a slotted hatch cover which unscrews to access the battery. If your Accutron has these features it is a 214. Click on the thumbnail image (left) to see a larger photo.

If you found an old Spaceview in a drawer and put a battery in it, you may be quite pleased to find that it runs, but may I suggest that you remove the battery immediately, and have the watch serviced before it self destructs. For an explanation please visit the  F.A.Q. Page 

 Is your Spaceview running way too fast?  See the information at: 


    Contrary to popular belief, the grade of stainless steel used for watch cases will rust over a period of years. Water gets in between the metal parts where it can stay wet for days. The inevitable result is shown in these photos.AlphaFixture2.jpg (12216 bytes)

    The repair process begins with the disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of the case. Rust and/or corrosion (if any) is removed with hand tools and wire brushes. The crystal is polished to restore its transparency and shine.


    The back cover is taken apart. The parts are cleaned and rust is removed. A new gasket is installed on the battery hatch, the setting stem is lubricated and if necessary the battery contact spring is bent back into its original shape. Finally the rear cover is re-assembled.


The movement is taken apart. The Coil, Tuning Fork and Pawl Bridge are carefully cleaned with soft wood picks and bristle brushes. All other parts are ultrasonically cleaned. The movement is then re-assembled lubricated, and adjusted. Finally, the dial and hands are installed on the movement. The assembly is put back into its case, a new gasket is installed, and the cover is closed. The watch is then observed for approximately 2 weeks, during which time, fine adjustments are made to the movement.

Prices do not include replacements for damaged or missing  parts.

REQUIRED SERVICE: $150.00 plus parts
Cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of the movement to work correctly with a readily available 1.5V battery
Disassembly and cleaning of the case. (bezel, back cover, battery hatch, setting stem, and threaded lock ring)
Installation of replacement parts (if any)
Crystal polish (restores transparency and shine, does not remove scratches)
New 387S Energizer battery
New gaskets
New stainless steel spring pins for your band or bracelet
One year guarantee (parts and labor)
Regulator diode may be required at additional cost 

A deposit of $50.00 is required. The deposit will cover the cost of inspection and return shipping should you decide not to proceed with the repair & restoration. The deposit will be applied to the total if repair is authorized.


COIL MODIFICATION: Install regulator diode to reduce battery voltage to 1.3 volts: $50.  (optional for most 214's) (required on over-active movements)

Sand, buff, & polish old crystal: $20.00 (removes all but the deepest scratches)
New Generic Crystal; $20
New-Old-Stock Crystal; $45.00 and up

Buff stainless steel bezel: $95.00

GOLD & GOLD FILLED BEZELS: Gently buffed & polished: $75.CoverAfter.jpg (30031 bytes)

Full Restoration: Buff all angled surfaces. Restore straight and circular
graining on rear cover, setting stem and battery hatch. Buff stainless lockBeforeAfterRear.jpg (30016 bytes) ring - $150.00

Partial Restoration: Setting stem and battery hatch only. Buff angled surfaces and restore circular graining - $95.00

214 DIALS: *
Remove old luminous, clean dial and apply fresh high-glow luminous paint: $35.00

Rust Free:
Clean, and apply fresh high-glow luminous paint: $75.00
Rusted: Clean, clear coat, and apply fresh luminous paint: $95.00 

Ultrasonic cleaning: $10.00

PLEASE NOTE:  Firm quotes can only be given after careful inspection.

*  Ultra-bright, long lasting, long glowing Strontium Aluminate crystals.
**  Same as original factory finish. Removes or hides all but the deepest scratches.

Contact Information

Martin Marcus
5 Laurel Court
Marblehead, MA 01945
(781) 639-0442


Please Be Advised:
I never get up from my microscope to answer the phone which seems to ring constantly, even on weekends. Telephones are a curse for people who work under a microscope. Experience has taught me that every minute spent with a phone in my hand will only be added to my backlog and there is nobody else here who is knowledgeable enough to answer your questions. I do however, reply to all of my business related e-mail every evening. My replies contain detailed information and / or links to a page on this web site where information can be found. To contact me by e-mail simply click on the link below.  

If You Call:
For those of you who hate to type, feel free to call and leave a message on my answering machine, but don't expect a call back and please don't forget to leave your e-mail address. Spell out the address slowly, enunciate clearly, and indicate whether there are any special characters such as dashes, underscores, etc. I always try to reply to business related e-mail at the end of the day in which messages are received, so if you don't hear from me within one business day, it's probably because I didn't get your correct e-mail address and my reply was undeliverable. In that case, please send me a short e-mail referring to the phone message and I will be happy to reply a.s.a.p. Ph: 781-639-0442

PLEASE NOTE: I regret that I am not able to reply to folks who are just looking for information, advise or have questions about 214's that are with other repairers. There are just too many of you and my focus will always be on my own customers. Thank you for your understanding.

The Accutron Workshop
Specializing In The Cleaning, Repair And Restoration of First Edition Accutron Tuning Fork Timepieces.

Sink2.jpg (30113 bytes)     newshop4.jpg (30104 bytes)     newshop5.jpg (30063 bytes)
Ultrasonic Cleaning

newshop8.jpg (30029 bytes)          newshop7.jpg (30021 bytes)
Repair and Assembly

          SolderDesk.jpg (30090 bytes)              
Solder,  Photography & Imaging

          Shipping Bench.jpg (30043 bytes)
 Shipping Area


Bridgeport.jpg (29999 bytes)          shop3.jpg (39155 bytes)
Bridgeport Milling Machine
w/Anilam Digital Readout.
Repeatable  accuracy: +/- 0.0002".

OldShop7.jpg (32187 bytes)     LatheNew.jpg (30047 bytes)     Lathe3.jpg (30116 bytes)     LatheNew2.jpg (30003 bytes)     Lathe2.jpg (30068 bytes)
Hardinge HLVH Precision Tool Room Lathe
Microscope for miniature parts.
Single point thread chasing.
Repeatable accuracy: +/- .0002"

Band Saw Fence.jpg (30059 bytes)     newshop0.jpg (143486 bytes)     Band Saw2.jpg (29994 bytes)     Band Saw.jpg (29957 bytes)     Band Saw Fence R.jpg (30023 bytes)
DO-ALL Band Saw
13" Variable Speed w/Fence & Cross Slide

Vibrograf1.jpg (30490 bytes)               Vibrograf.jpg (27186 bytes)               Vibrograf2.jpg (21358 bytes)
Vibrograph B200 Watch Timing Machine

VibrografM90.jpg (30007 bytes)     Vibrografs.jpg (30062 bytes)     Vibrografs1.jpg (30137 bytes)     Vibrografs2.jpg (30127 bytes)
Vibrograph M90 Watch Timing Machine

AccutronBench3.jpg (29302 bytes) SolderStation1.jpg (30013 bytes) MicroMachine3.jpg (24715 bytes) setup1.jpg (30179 bytes)  Dial11.jpg (29921 bytes) Dial111.jpg (30807 bytes)                        BulovaMicroloup.jpg (30013 bytes)
                                 Bausch and Lomb Stereo Zoom Microscopes                                                Bulova Microloupe

ultrasonic.jpg (30047 bytes)     Ultrasonic2.jpg (122205 bytes)
GemOro Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

testsets.jpg (30357 bytes)     TestSets2.jpg (30437 bytes)     meter1.jpg (30098 bytes)     meter2.jpg (30149 bytes)     Accutron Test Set C.jpg (20754 bytes)     Accutron Test Set 2C.jpg (20901 bytes)
Accutron Test Meters

SolderStation1.jpg (30013 bytes)         
Weller Digital Solder Station

AlphaFixture2.jpg (12216 bytes)     AlphaFixture1.jpg (21889 bytes)
Crystal Polishing Lathe Fixture

Shop10.jpg (30101 bytes)     Machines2.jpg (29989 bytes)     LatestShop.jpg (30140 bytes)    Machines1.jpg (30069 bytes)     Shop8.jpg (30014 bytes)

Shop12.jpg (30063 bytes)     Shop9.jpg (30054 bytes)     Shop13.jpg (30098 bytes)     newshop6.jpg (30034 bytes)     Shop2.jpg (30106 bytes)

Shop4.jpg (30006 bytes)     Shop14.jpg (30063 bytes)     LatestShop2.jpg (30130 bytes)

BenchLeft2.JPG (30018 bytes)     BenchRight2.JPG (30006 bytes)     Chop Saw1s.JPG (29966 bytes)

shop11.jpg (32409 bytes)     shop33.jpg (30129 bytes)     Air Compresser2.jpg (29995 bytes)     Shop1.jpg (30091 bytes)

Contact Information
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