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Accutron 214 Repair & Restoration
Specializing In The Cleaning, Repair And Restoration of First Edition Accutron 214 Caliber Tuning Fork Timepieces.

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IndexMechanism2.jpg (30654 bytes)SvBackCover.jpg (30014 bytes)I work on first edition 214's only. If need be, I will help you to verify that your Accutron is a caliber 214 before you send it.

The 214 is set from the rear of the case by lifting a spring loaded "C" shaped lever. Also on the rear of the case is a slotted hatch cover which unscrews to access the battery. If your Accutron has these features it is a 214. Click on the thumbnail image (left) to see a larger photo.

If you found an old Spaceview in a drawer and put a battery in it, you may be quite pleased to find that it runs, but may I suggest that you remove the battery immediately, and have the watch serviced before it self destructs. For an explanation please visit the  F.A.Q. Page 

 Is your Spaceview running way too fast?  See the information at: 

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PLEASE NOTE: I regret that I am not able to reply to folks who are just looking for information, advise or have questions about 214's that are with other repairers. There are just too many of you and my focus will always be on my own customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Information
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